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Natural Remedies for Healthy Bladder

The bladder is an organ which will collect all the urine secreted by kidneys.  It is vital to keep the bladder healthy and avoid any damages which could be cause by cancer, infections or other ailments. One way people can take care of the bladder is by consuming natural food that will boost the bladder’s health. Below are some natural remedies for healthy bladder, and also please read about bladder infection symptoms as well.


  • Cranberries have been known to be the best known source to promote healthy bladder. Cranberries contain natural antioxidants, and with the aid of it’s acidic content will help control and prevent bacteria which can cause bladder infection (urinary tract infection)


  • Yogurt contains good bacteria which is excellent to the bladder. With consuming yogurt, a person could cut the risk of getting bladder cancer by 30-45 percent.

Wheat Bread

  • Wheat bread is a source for high fiber. High fiber generally helps to prevent constipation in human, and with this will greatly reduce the pressure on the bladder and allow normal functionality.


  • Banana is another excellent source of fiber to help promote a healthy bladder. Banana also contains potassium in which will strengthens and protect the bladder from bacterial infection.


  • Water is extremely important for the maintenance of healthy bladder. It is important for people to consume water daily as water will help the kidney to produce urine and flushes any toxins and bacteria from the body.