Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies

Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies – Cranberry Juice

An effective deterrent to the reoccurring of UTI (urinary tract infection) is non other then the cranberry juice. It is the best urinary tract infection home remedies widely accepted. It is commonly known as a non drug, non side effecting treatment for UTIs. Experts further elaborate that by drinking 8 ounces of cranberry juice two times daily, which is almost 16 glasses, will prove beneficial in getting rid of simple UTIs. Also continuous use of cranberry juice tends to keep the UTIs from recurring. Cranberry juice prevents bacteria from sticking to the linings of the urinary tract and thus prevents urinary tract infection from returning. Cranberry juice is also known to reduce the associated reflux of white blood cells in the urine (pyuria) by almost 50% and bacterial infections are also discouraged, especially in elder women who consume 300 ml of cranberry juice daily.

Tests have been performed to assess whether or not cranberry juice cocktail is effective on the antibiotic resistant pathogenic E.Coli adhesion to the uroepithelium. Researchers united from the University of Michigan and Rutgers University and performed this test on 39 women who were confirmed to suffer from UTIs, they were kept isolated and aged between 18 to 39. While before consuming cranberry juice cocktail, urine samples of all showed failure in preventing adhesion of E.Coli, whereas after continuous use 80% (31) of all isolates and 79% (19) of 24 antibiotic resistant isolates showed prevention of adhesion.

Further studies elaborated that this anti adhesion became apparent in the urine within 2 hours of cranberry juice intake and continued up to 10 hours. Also the pro-anthocyanidins extracted from cranberry juice reserved adhesion of all isolates at ranging concentrations of 6-375 mcg/ml, showing effectiveness in vitro anti adhesion action against antibiotic resistant pressure. It was also found that cranberry juice cocktail protected against both sensitive and resistant strains of P-fimbriated E.Coli, which is the beginning of development of UTIs. Thus cranberry juice was proved to be effective in treating urinary tract infection.

In Urostomy patients who have undergone surgical diversion of urine through the skin due to a diseased or unfunctional bladder, problems of urinary wall skin are common, maybe because of alkaline urine. Cranberry juice acts as an antibacterial property and an anti acidic and proves to be preventive and improvement inducing in patients suffering from skin complications and  severe urinary wall disease.

It is however difficult for many individuals to consume 16 glasses of cranberry juice daily, luckily there is an alternative available. Nowadays there are dietary pills available, which can provide the effectiveness of 16 glasses of cranberry juice in one or two capsules. Another benefit of taking pills instead of cranberry juice is the low intake of sugars. Cranberry is high in sugars and consuming its juice in a large quantity will definitely pose other serious health issues.

Benefits of Cranberry juice

According to research conducted by Israel and United States of America, separately and jointly about properties of cranberries conclude that

  • The colonization of E.Coli starts when sticking of bacteria starts on the walls of urinary tract. They use hair resembling fimbriae or pili that stick out from bacteria and get fixed to certain monosaccharide or oligosaccharide receptors on urothelial cells. These are categorized as type I (mannose sensitive) or type P (mannose resistant).
  • By sticking to urinary tract cells E.Coli is capable of resisting any normal body cleansing mechanism and can cover its nutritional needs easily does causing toxification and infection.
  • The cranberry product holds an effective factor that destroys E.Coli, thus making it impossible for them to stay in the urinary tract.
  • Also it is composed of proanthocyanidins which prevents colonization of E.Coli.

It was also realized through studies in 1994 that cranberries besides discouraging growth of E.Coli also proved effective against infections formed due to white blood cells.

Many people use cranberry as self medication to cure urinary tract infection and many doctors have also prescribed it as an alternate to antibiotic, however this approach is now outdated.

Cranberry juice though is only 27% juice, the remaining is sweetened water, using which in the required quantity may add up too much sugar and calories as it contains fat inducing fructose, which is impossible for people having diabetes to take.

Cranberry supplement is a good alternate as it drops the calories level and provide effective prevention and aid treatment for patients suffering from UTI. Please refer to UTI symptoms for more information.

So a cranberry extract pill or supplement is a good source for people who are at risk of developing UTIs, however these pills are recommended to be taken only once daily. There are always an alternative treatment for an illness if you look hard, for this instance it is the cranberry juice with excellent result and a urinary tract infection home remedies widely used everywhere around the world.

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