Infection Of The Kidney

Infection on kidney sometimes does not show any sign visible signs on the victim. But however, most of the people affected with kidney infection will report of pain near their kidney which is normally pinpoint to area below the rib cages and near the spine. The person may feel tenderness around the area when pressed. It is sometimes tricky for a normal person to diagnose kidney infection on their own as the symptoms resemble that of a person suffering back pain. Also the symptom is very different and sometimes varies from person to person.

Below are the lists of common symptoms of kidney infection:

  • Pain in the back or lower back especially around abdomen area
  • Painful when urinating
  • Increased frequency in urinating as compared to normal people
  • Dark or murky urine and may contain blood
  • Feeling feverish
  • Vomiting and feeling nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea

If you display some of the kidney infection symptoms above, you might need to consult your GP as soon as possible or it may get worse and develop into chronic Pyelonephritis with more severe consequences.

kidney infection

How Do You Treat kidney infection?

A person who’s been diagnosed with kidney infection is normally treated with a series of antibiotics.

A healthy person should consume at least two liter of liquid each day in order to hydrate the body and also to create urine which will flush the bladder and kidney from any bacteria infection. Normally antibiotic will eliminate the bacteria and cure the infection, but nonetheless if the infection is still not residing and the person is still displaying symptoms of kidney infection, then it is wise to bring the person to hospital for further medical check. Most of the time kidney infection can be cure by just taking antibiotics. The best treatment is to prevent this from happening at all.


Kidney Infection’s Complication

Normally a person will recover fully from the infection but sometimes in odd cases, abscess might be presence due to the infection. In this scenario, doctor will need to surgically remove the build-up pus from the person’s kidney.

It is without a doubt that any infection within a person’s body should be checked out immediately, and this include infection on the kidney. If it’s not been treated promptly, the bacteria could regenerate and grow quickly and could enter the bloodstream. Blood poisoning will occur once the bacteria enter the bloodstream and it is medically known as septicemia. It is a severe condition and could lead to fatality if left untreated. Kidney infection which happen over and over again can and will damage or possibly scars the kidney permanently.


Kidney Infection Prevention Methods

  • Consume plenty of water each day
  • Urinate when require and try not to hold it
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Try to flush the bladder by urinating after engaging in sexual act


A kidney or bladder infection can be horrible, and if untreated can cause a lot of problems and pain both long and short term.


Kidney Pain

The main area where kidney pain is felt is at the upper back area of the back. Another distinguishing factor of back pain caused by kidney problem is that it is not a dull aching type pain rather it is a sharp, stabbing pain which comes and goes in form of waves. Back pain, however can be due to many other reasons as well.

Kidney pain can be a cause of various medical conditions however having any one or more of these conditions do not mean that the individual will suffer from kidney pain so even if an individual does not experience any pain there may be some of these or at least one of the conditions present in him.  Having said that the below mentioned causes are not the only symptoms and so even though a patient suffers from kidney pain he may not have any of the issues mentioned below.

Kidney stones are one of the main causes of kidney pain. Kidney stone is a very common urinary tract disorder which refers to developing of stone or stones in the urinary tract from the joining of crystals that are separated from an individual’s urine and collected in the urinary tract. These crystals form regularly and often wash out of the urinary tract unnoticed, however if these stones grow large in size they start causing pain. Even in some cases when these large stones are formed they do not show any kind of symptoms. Identification of these kidney stones is done through X-Ray’s later on when the patient reports pain and goes for examination. These stones when grow large block the way of urine from the kidneys to the bladder thus causing it to revert back to the kidneys and swelling them in return which causes pain in the area. Due to swelling the outer skin of the kidney is disturbed and is the main cause or reason of pain.

Urinary Tract Infection or also known as UTI is basically bacterial infections along the urinary tract. Bladder infections and kidney infections can both occur and their symptoms and potential areas of pain can all vary with the various locations of the infections along with other factors as well. It is recommended that any individual who faces a sharp pain on the back or in any nearby area should be examined by a doctor.

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  1. Sunita Dixon says:

    I am going through this infection right know! I like to know, who long before I start feeling better?

  2. admin says:

    Normally if you take antibiotic, you should feel better the next day or the following. If you’re feeling stinging sensation when urinating, try have some “ural”, over the counter medicine you can get from pharmacy.

  3. kadian says:

    i just want to feel like my normal self again

  4. Bernadette says:

    I have had a pain in my lower back for the last 3 days and now it seems like it is moving to the front. It does not hurt while I am walking or sitting but when I bend down, it hurts really bad. Any ideas.

  5. Carolann says:

    suffering now with kidney infection

  6. Jess says:

    How is kidney infection normally treated with pregnancy?

  7. Philippa Davis says:

    Can gall stones cause a kidney infection?

  8. Allisdon Lee says:

    My mon is 91yrs old and recently she was complaining of back pains, the doctor came,requested us to do a blood count and it was low hemoglobin is to do with red cells but she is taking iron tablets and anitbiotecs . she is very tired and leeps mos of the time, we are hand feeding her and she is eating and drinking small amounts but we make sure she eats ofte. the doctor want her to do a transfusion and i am afriad it will be too much for her so any suggestion I will be appreciated

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